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Work with us.

Hipo is looking for people with a passion for
creating awesome products.


Hipo is a place where we create products together. Whether your job is to code, design, or optimize customer experience, you will play a role in every part of the process. Your opinion will matter, and you will be expected to take initiative to solve problems to come up with better solutions.

We believe in working within small teams, where good ideas can surface and are recognized quickly. You will own a project during its lifetime and care about it as if it were your own product. We are all hard workers, but we don’t work around the clock; work-life balance is just as important to us as shipping a great product.

A big part of creating together is staying close together, and that’s exactly how we do things. The usual office hierarchies and formalities don’t apply at Hipo. We are only interested in creating our best work, no egos attached.


- You will work for people who understand and value your efforts. We know how to pick our customers and we only work with great people from novel startups. We take on the most fun, and also the most challenging projects that come to us. Oh, and we also take time to develop our own products.

- You will get to use cutting-edge technologies like AWS, MongoDB, asynchronous frameworks like Tornado, Backbone.js among others. If you are passionate about an emerging technology, you will get a chance to suggest it and have it seriously considered for new products or services.

- You will be working in one of the best iOS and API development shops in the world, working on challenging problems on a daily basis, and having your work recognized internationally. You will also get a chance to open source your contributions and share your knowledge worldwide.

- We will provide you with good equipment, software, and most importantly, a friendly team environment that makes you comfortable and productive.


We all care deeply about our work, and we look for people who are willing to do the same. You have to be ready to get involved and challenge yourself every day to get better at what you do. We work in an industry that moves forward daily, so we have to move with it.

Specifically we’re looking for:

  • - Backend (Python/Django) Developers

    Hipo prides itself with its cutting-edge backend development solutions. Your main job will be to build complex and highly scalable systems for mobile and web clients that will be used by millions of people on a daily basis. You will be expected to use modern web technologies such as AWS, MongoDB and Django. Finally, you will be encouraged to create reusable products and contribute to the open source community.

    You will need a solid background in Python and preferably the Django framework, along with a good command of English. Any previous work or code you can provide, specifically your GitHub profile or similar open source contribution examples will help a lot during the interview process.

  • - Frontend Web Developers

    Great frontend development is one of the backbones of Hipo. We’re looking to strengthten our web development team with the right candidate. You are the right candidate if:

    - You are great at creating pixel-perfect pages, able to convert customized designs into code in the simplest and most efficient way.

    - You mastered HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Building semantically correct, accessible and clean HTML templates with advanced JavaScript functionality should be natural to you. Having experience with JavaScript application frameworks like Ember.js, Angular or Backbone is a huge plus.

    - You learn about new technologies and constantly look for ways to use them daily. You will have the opportunity to experiement with bleeding edge frameworks and frontend methods at Hipo.

    - You have a good grasp of the English language, you are able to do your own research and understand client requests.

  • - iOS Developers

    Hipo’s most innovative work is on the iOS platform, and our iOS Development team excels at going above and beyond expectations and setting very high standards. As an iOS Dev, you will be expected to run a whole project (client or in-house) on your own. You will be responsible for every aspect of iOS Development, and be expected to bring out a pixel-perfect product that you would be proud of.

    You will need a great command of Objective-C and the Xcode framework, which you need to be able to display. Any previous work you can showcase will help in the interview process. You should be fluent in English, and have a passion for improving your skills.

  • - Android Developers

    Your job will be to lead Android development at Hipo. You will need to have some extensive Android development experience under your belt. You’ll need to have top-level technical skills in development, and have multiple apps on the Google Play Store that can showcase your capability. You will work closely with Strategy, Design, as well as the Backend Development team to ship out the perfect product while keeping our clients’ needs in mind.

    You will need a very good command of english and be expected to interact with clients about your work. Any previous work or code you can show us on the spot will help a lot during the interview process.

If this is you, don’t hesitate to contact us through . Any previous work or code you can provide, specifically your GitHub profile or similar open source contribution examples will help a lot during the interview process.