Our apps show that lightning can strike not just twice, but every single time.These lab reports are proof.
A platform for collectors cataloging curious things, with a UI that is simply pleasing to look at.
Chroma shows your photos as a visual encyclopedia. It helps you Catalogue, annotate and share your discoveries about the world with the world. It’s a dream for collectors, and for people who just want to look at beautiful things all day long.

With Chroma, we started from scratch. The Hipo team built a solid infrastructure, an easy to use admin panel, as well as the iOS & Web clients. Not content to stop there, the team is working with Computer Vision experts to create an image recognition feature that can identify any collectible item you capture in your camera.
Zero commission stock trading. Like it should be.
Robinhood is the next frontier in stock trading. The great team at Robinhood knew that trading overhead could be reduced, so they “cut out the fat that makes other brokerages costly” and created an iOS platform everyone could trade on. For free.

The Robinhood team wanted the sheer simplicity and benefit of their offering to be reflected in the UI. Our iOS team worked to produce fully animated, customizable and high-performance UI components that made the complex stock data look as simple as “free stock trading” sounds.
Keen Home
Internet of Awesome Things: A smart vent and companion apps that control the airflow in your home, room by room.
Keen Home smart vents are installed on your HVAC ventilation system, and with the help of some amazing software, they allow you to regulate the temperature & airflow of each room. The talented Keen Home team needed Hipo’s help to build mobile apps that their customers would use daily for controlling their vents. That’s how we met.

We built Keen’s iOS & Android apps from ground up, working closely with their design and infrastructure teams.
A meditation assistant that senses your brain waves!
Muse is a headband that connects to your mobile device and measures and records your brainwaves. Using this amazing gadget, the Muse team wanted to create an app to help users meditate, reporting on their brain activity during meditation sessions.

We built Muse’s Android app from ground up. Meditation sessions and the headband calibration sequence was challenging, and we are very happy with the beautiful end result. Developing for this great little new-age device made us proud (and a lot calmer).
Our client thought reading the Bible should be simple and distraction free. We agreed.
The name says it all. Neubible has one goal; to make the Bible accessible and effortless to read, in the digital environment. From bookmarking to font selection to night mode, Neubible is a digital source for inspiration whenever you need it.

Neubible was our client’s passion. He strived for perfection in his designs, and wanted the same mindset in his development team. Our iOS Devs took the challenge on happily.
A trusted social network for moms. Slick UI. Great utility.
Moment is one mom’s gift to the rest of the moms out there. It’s a trusted platform where moms can create their own network of information and trusted advice on the million questions related to being a parent.

Hipo became involved with Moment back when it was but an idea. Working with the great JellyJar design team, we built the idea into a beautiful & functional iOS app and a solid, scalable API.

Once the initial version was built, our client wanted to be able to listen to users’ needs. We took that challenge head on, building a complex data reporting system for Moment.
Ride with someone like you!
Volt is a ride sharing platform built around communities. Unlike other, similar products out there, Volt is designed around social trust and safety, aiming to bring ride sharing to workplaces, schools and residential neighbourhoods.

We were involved in Volt from the very early stages and our product team was responsible for everything from strategy to branding and the complete technology stack. We planned, designed and executed a very fast-paced product development sprint that allowed Volt access to market within 6 months. Post-launch, we interviewed, hired and trained a complete technology team for Volt, allowing the product to move forward with an internal team.
The best way to plan, share and relive your night
Stop Texting. Know who's down tonight with color coded statuses and what they want to do with hashtags. Form groups called nests, that last just that night to plan with friends.

Share your nightly photos with the rally camera that unlocks at 6pm. Share photos with groups of friends or all your friends easier than ever. See where friends are by requesting their location, and find out if where they are is any good.

Retrace your footsteps the next morning. See what all your friends did last night.