A Field Guide for Anything

Catalog curious things, share your discoveries, and tap into the collective knowledge.

Chroma is a visual encyclopedia for anything that interests you. With beautiful UI and a great system for archiving and embedding information within images, Chroma will be your field guide, for anything.

Happy to participate in this great project, we've built Chroma's Backend infrastructure, as well as the iOS App.



Ride with someone like you

Volt is a ride-sharing app whose ultimate goal is to solve Istanbul’s traffic problem. It works by pairing drivers and passengers going in the same direction and offering them a way to meet. It uses your social graph (your friends, friends of friends) and real communities (your school, work, or housing community) to establish trust.



Copy Anything From Your Mac to Your iPhone

We built Scribe to answer a daily problem we faced: Transferring small amounts of critical data from our Macs to our iPhones or iPads. Whether it was a URL, a phone number, or a shipment tracking code we needed on the go, we could not find an elegant and effortless way to transfer them into our mobile devices.

Scribe is our answer to this gap. We hope you like using it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Project Noah

Mobile app for explorers and nature lovers

Project Noah is an innovative social platform for capturing and studying the natural habitat. The project is supported by National Geographic. We worked with the Noah team to completely rewrite their iPhone application from ground-up, with performance and usability in mind.



iPhone and iPad app about everything in Toronto

blogTO is the go-to place to learn about events, restaurants, bars and happenings in Toronto. We built their iPhone app, which started out as a mobile version of their reviews section, and quickly grew into a multi-faceted platform that contains news, events, personal bookmarks and more.



An iPhone App That Makes Decisions Easier

Collaborating with Apperto, we've developed a tool that makes hard choices easy. Choicelr has a great question targeting engine that allows users to choose their target audience by age, gender or geography. Also, the detailed infographics section allows users to see a detailed breakdown of answers received.



The Customer Instrument

Strum is the World's first customer experience app specifically designed to perfectly fit customers' needs. Strum incorporates both a Web component for businesses, and a Mobile component for customers.

We've been working on Strum since it was but an idea, and we're responsible for product architecture, customer experience, backend and iOS Development.