Zero Commission Stock Trading

We worked with the Robinhood team to build an easy to use and innovative iPhone application for their groundbreaking stock brokerage service. Our iOS team focused on building customizable, fully animated, interactive and high performance UI components that make the complex and ever-changing stock data easy to understand and stay on top of while also delighting users.



Catalog Curious Things

Described as a “field guide for curious things”, Chroma is actually a sophisticated, next generation platform for collectors. Its open ended infrastructure allows users to catalog and categorize anything and instantly commit it to a searchable database.

Hipo was responsible for the complete technology stack behind Chroma. We designed a modern service architecture that allowed us to store and index the vastly different kinds of data that each collection provides. We built a RESTful, state of the art API that runs on this platform and then iterated on a beautiful iPhone application that takes simplicity and user experience to the next level.



How Reading Should Feel

NeuBible is a modern Bible app thoughtfully designed for delightful, distraction-free reading. We worked closely with the NeuBible team to bring their beautiful and innovative designs to life. Our iOS team focused on implementing smooth transitions, pixel perfect UI details and innovative, gesture-driven interactions for this amazing app.



Ride with someone like you

Volt is a ride sharing platform built around communities. Unlike other, similar products out there, Volt is designed around social trust and safety, aiming to bring ride sharing to workplaces, schools and residential neighbourhoods.

We were involved in Volt from the very early stages and our product team was responsible for everything from strategy to branding and the complete technology stack. We planned, designed and executed a very fast-paced product development sprint that allowed Volt access to market within 6 months. Post-launch, we interviewed, hired and trained a complete technology team for Volt, allowing the product to move forward with an internal team.



Copy Anything From Your Mac to Your iPhone

We built Scribe to answer a daily problem we faced: Transferring small amounts of critical data from our Macs to our iPhones or iPads. Whether it was a URL, a phone number, or a shipment tracking code we needed on the go, we could not find an elegant and effortless way to transfer them into our mobile devices.

Using innovative Bluetooth LE technology, Scribe is able to transfer small amounts of data from your Mac to your iOS devices quickly and efficiently. Since it doesn't require a WiFi connection, it works in any environment, even when you don't have an internet connection.


Project Noah

Mobile app for explorers and nature lovers

Project Noah is an innovative social platform for capturing and studying the natural habitat. The project is supported by National Geographic. We worked with the Noah team to completely rewrite their iPhone application from ground-up, with performance and usability in mind.



iPhone and iPad app about everything in Toronto

blogTO is the go-to place to learn about events, restaurants, bars and news in Toronto. We built their universal iPhone and iPad app, which started out as a mobile version of their reviews section, and quickly grew into a multi-faceted product that contains news, events, personal bookmarks and more.

Over the past year, Hipo took over and rebuilt the complete web and mobile presence of blogTO by implementing a tailor-designed publishing platform that fits their exact needs for various mobile applications, as well as and their other properties.